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Beauty By Way of Water and Paint: The Top 50 Watercolor Painters Blogs

Remember that row of plastic paint you used to decorate a sheet of paper in grade school? Well, forget it. Watercoloring has taken on a whole new meaning since then. Artists now have the capacity to create unique works of art using them from nature’s beauty to abstract pieces.

What sets watercolors apart from other mediums, such as oil painting, is that the paints are water soluble. However, it isn’t as easy to spot a watercolor painter’s blog on the internet as it is to distinguish one of their works from the others. To make it simpler, we have gathered the top 50 watercolor painter’s blogs below. They are authored by professionals, teachers, and even students of the art and are loaded with tips, art, and much more to satiate any watercoloring itch.

Top Watercolor Painters Blogs by a Male Artist

These men have loads of their own watercolor artwork to share on their blogs.

  1. 1. Brush Paper Water
    Get a celebration of watercolor on this blog. Chris is an artist living in San Francisco and is even a member of several watercolor organizations. Standouts of the blog include many real life works of art that include Car Culture.
  2. 2. Frank Eber
    He specializes in watercolor landscapes. Although nature often takes center stage, Frank also paints watercolors of cities, shores, and more. A rainstorm in the city was recently painted.
  3. 3. Thomas W. Schaller
    From Venice, California, Thomas is also an established architect and designer. Much of his work is impressive for being able to combine both with watercolors.
  4. 4. Steve Doherty
    He is the editor of “PleinAir” magazine. From Florida, his blog gives tips on both drawing and painting. Balancing skill and passion was recently discussed on the blog.
  5. 5. A Painting a Day
    Andy Smith doesn’t just title his blog haphazardly. He often lives up to it by posting one watercolor painting a day. With entries dating all the way back to 2007, make time for literally hundreds of entries.
  6. 6. A Painting a Week
    Although Francis does not always keep his promise blog wise, he does share many paintings in watercolor on the blog. He specializes in watercolor and pastel painting. With a goal of creating one painting per week, he does often share them on the blog.
  7. 7. David Tripp
    David is a blogger who lets his watercolors do the talking for him. Categories range from the abandoned to Zephyr. A recent painting was of a Missouri grill.
  8. 8. Woody’s Watercolor Blog
    Get “unequal measures of transcription, translation, and transgression” on this blog. Woody often shares unusual works of arts, as well as rants on the blog. A recent entry was on a photograph of the woods and the watercolor painting it inspired.

Top Watercolor Painters Blogs by a Female Artist

The ladies chime in with artwork of their own using watercolors.

  1. 9. Capturing Life With Brushstrokes
    Visit here for original watercolor paintings by Julie Hill. Although the promise of a daily painting isn’t always kept, the blog is very much worth the visit. She even offers “Little Moments,” which are 6 x 6 watercolor paintings.
  2. 10. Carol King
    She is a New York artist who works in watercolors, along with other forms of painting and decorative arts. In addition to sharing her work, she also includes rants about life in Brooklyn. She recently finished a sketchbook and writes all about it.
  3. 11. Leslie White
    She enjoys painting in watercolors as well as drawing in graphite. Subjects on the blog include drawings, figures, creative drawings, and even student art. Thoughts are included along with actual artwork.
  4. 12. Also on Facebook
    Why go to Facebook when you can check out Carol Carter’s art right from the blog? Along with watercoloring, she is also passionate about family and travel. Unusual pairings such as fruit and fish are worth a look.
  5. 13. Watercolour Artist Diary
    Tracy Hall is a watercolor artist who paints nature in great detail. Her choices include fine art miniatures, paintings, and even prints and cards. She was recently featured in a Florida exhibit and shares more.
  6. 14. Watercolors by Laura Trevey
    “Bright ideas, bold vision, and beautiful living” combine on this one blog. Scroll down the blog to get a peek at her virtual studio. One of the latest posts was on a Painting a Day challenge.
  7. 15. Kathy Los-Rathburn, Watercolors
    Paintings and a few words usually make up blog entries here. She also offers an art quote of the day that is inspirational. Those who wish to learn how to paint water lilies can find an instructional DVD just for them.
  8. 16. Walking in Watercolors
    Micah Neff is from Pennsylvania. She is an aspiring watercolor artist who can go a while between blog entries. However, she does get points for exploring watercolors through the eyes of a newer artist.

Top International Watercolor Painters Blogs

See how watercolor paintings come to life overseas in these blogs.

  1. 17. Watercolours for Life
    Jean is from the United Kingdom and has studied art in Asia, Dubai, and Europe. She has a passion for life, nature, and watercolors. Visit to see her latest work or get art related thoughts.
  2. 18. Stephen J. Quirke
    He does watercolor paintings from South Africa. Landscapes in various forms are often the subject of paintings. You can also see much of his other work on the main site.
  3. 19. Artwork From Hendaye
    Sonya is from the United Kingdom but currently lives in the French Basque Country. She teaches art at the local school and works in it herself. Paintings are in acrylics and watercolors.
  4. 20. Artists of India
    Get just what the blog promises with a visit here. Twenty artists in the country share all sorts of artwork, including watercolor. You can also get links to many other local artists.
  5. 21. Iain Stewart Watercolors
    Although currently living in Alabama, Iain is from Scotland. With a degree in architecture, he has been painting in watercolors for over 20 years. He recently finished a painting on the Williamsburg Bride.
  6. 22. Inspirations From Nature
    Sandeep Khedkar is from Pune, Maharashtra, India. He loves the combination of nature landscapes and transparent watercolors. The resulting paintings and accompanying verses are a small tribute to the inspirations and infinite colors nature shares.
  7. 23. David Burge
    He is from Perth, which is in Western Australia. In addition to painting, he also enjoys guitars, composition, and the exploration of ideas. One of his recent blog entries was on The Tate.
  8. 24. Keiko Tanabe Fine Art
    She is from Kyoto, Japan and is an award-winning watercolor artist. Her paintings have been juried into many exhibitions across North America and in Asia. The blog often features a painting and thoughts to accompany it.
  9. 25. Pintar a la Acuarela
    What does Picasso have to do with watercoloring? Check out this blog to find out. Noemi is from Spain and practices in the medium. Knowledge of Spanish or translator required.
  10. 26. Fernando Pena
    Similar to the above, he is also a watercolor artist that blogs in Spanish. However, you don’t need to know the language to appreciate his works of art. Click on Watercolors Painting to get items in English.

Top Learning Watercolor Painters Blogs

If you want to learn how to create watercolor paintings of your own or improve on existing talent, check out these instructional blogs.

  1. 27. David Lobenberg
    Form Sacramento, he is a professor, workshop instructor, as well as a gallery and commission artist. With a specialty in both watercolor and acrylic paints, you can get the next best thing to taking a class from him on the blog. Mather Vernal Pool was the subject of a recent work.
  2. 28. Watercolor Mania
    Jane Freeman was born and raised in North Dakota but has lived in Minnesota for 30 years. She teaches watercolor workshops there and hopes to inspire others to the art. Latest work and daily life is often the subject of posts.
  3. 29. Debi Watson Watercolor
    In 1983, she bought some cheap paints and has been hooked over since. She is now a professional painter and teacher with nine years’ experience. Categories on the blog include inspiration, marketing, shows, and even painting lessons.
  4. 30. Create 38
    Vinita Pappas is your source for watercolor painting instruction. You will find demonstration videos and more on the blog. She can go a while in between entries but is still worth a look.
  5. 31. Sterling Edwards
    He is an instructor who teaches courses across the United States and Canada. Upcoming workshops and student thoughts made up the latest posts. You can also see more of his work on the main site.
  6. 32. Tony van Hasselt Watercolor Workshops
    His motto is to “share the joy of painting and learning.” His site is contains books and videos, as well as links to watercolor workshops. Be sure not to miss painting tips with more.
  7. 33. Watercolor Works
    Debbie Johnson is a Florida watercolor artist. She both teaches classes and workshops and is represented by galleries in Florida and Michigan. Many different Florida natives are the subject of her paintings.
  8. 34. Watercolour Courses
    If the above aren’t enough for you, click here. This blog collects the best in watercolor courses and information from across the web to one place. For example, a YouTube video with a lesson was recently featured.

Top Specialty Watercolor Painters Blogs

These watercolor and art blogs focus on a specific aspect of it.

  1. 35. Land Sketch
    This blogger shares his water media sketchbook studies from the past decade. Nathan also links to his art and materials with more tips. One of the latest entries discussed textures.
  2. 36. Roland Lee Travel Sketchbook
    Stop here for a regular art journal from this Utah artist. His blog gives a glimpse into how he works and travels. A standout for featuring everything from sketches to finished studio paintings.
  3. 37. Karen Peikert
    She has always loved being creative and enjoy looking at the works of others. She grew up in Northern California and was surrounded by lakes and rivers, which are now the subject of her watercolors. Other items occasionally pop up in her works as well.
  4. 38. Aaron Lifferth’s Painting a Day
    His specialty is using Utrecht paints and watercolor brushes for no other reason than convenience in proximity. However, this is another of those blogs that don’t keep their own deadlines. You can still check out past works through entries though.
  5. 39. David McEown
    David’s specialty is the Canadian wilderness. With a degree from the Ontario College of Art, he travels from the North Pole to Antarctica to create his paintings. The main site has more.
  6. 40. A Passion for Watercolour
    English artist Ruth Harris specializes in flowers, landscapes, and others. Watercolor and fine art often combine to create subjects that are a must see. She stumbled into painting while her children were at school but has made it into something spectacular.
  7. 41. Doris Joa
    Stop by this blog to get free watercolor lessons. However, figurative art is the specialty here. In addition to watercolor, you can also get oil paintings.
  8. 42. Watercolorings
    Twenty years ago Kathy stopped painting due to work and family demands. However after moving, she rediscovered a passion for it. Visit her blog to get the world of watercolors from a student and born again artist.
  9. 43. Watercolors and Words
    After six years of watercolor classes, this blogger decided to explore the art on her own. RH Carpenter provides both in her blog. Paintings with watercolors and words of wisdom are usually the focus of posts.
  10. 44. Terry’s Ink and Watercolor
    See how the two combine on this blog. He is from California where his work often stands out for the pairing. You can also get tips for your own watercoloring.

Top Watercolor Painters Blogs by a Group

Check out these watercolor blogs as artists join together.

  1. 45. Daily Painters International
    Stop here for one of the most extensive online galleries on the web. Choose from just the watercolors or many other types of art. They also have an Artist Challenge that anyone can enter.
  2. 46. Watercolor Artist Blog
    A group of hopeful artists share their work on this one blog. Everything from flowers to 18 wheelers are taken on through watercolors. You can also get the option to chat with the painters.
  3. 47. Daily Watercolors
    Stop here for a passionate group of watercolor artists who share their creations online. Self-portraits, sunflowers, and many other subjects are focused on. Asian Lilies was the most recent.
  4. 48. Art Plantae Today
    Jane LaFazio works with paper, paint, and fabric. She uses her blog to connect artists, naturalists and educators. She recently offered to answer reader’s questions on art, marketing, and more.
  5. 49. Skine Art
    A group of artists share their work on this blog. Choose from just the watercolors, or simply check out the most recent. You can also sort work by your favorite artist.
  6. 50. Artists Network
    Tips for watercolor art and artists are featured here. You can choose from articles, the community, competitions, and more. There are also many member blogs to choose from.

No matter how tough that blank canvas is to crack, there is loads of inspiration to be found in the above top 50 watercolor painter’s blogs. To see and share art with other artists online, try a site like Deviant Art. The Etsy Shop also remains a top choice for all sorts of artists who want to sell their work.